Habsburg Suit - Black-Blue

A wonderfully stylish men's suit consisting of a woven tweed jacket with satin-trimmed wide lapels, a sculpted stand-up collar, satin-trimmed cuffs, button detailing, and thigh-length coattails. The jacket is open wide on the chest exposing a fabulous silk brocade vest worn with a white shirt. A silk cravat is wrapped many times around the neck and tied off at the front, with stand-up collar tabs peeking out the top. The suit pants are a contrasting tweed, with double-button closure at the front. The pants include prim flares, that give the suit a beautifully finished look. (Shown with Nexus Low-Top Boots, sold separately.)

• Jacket
• Sculpted jacket collar
• Cuffs
• Flexi-coattails
• Vest with shirt
• Shirt cravat collar
• Pants
• Socks

More photos can be found here

This item comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose. It may also be purchased as a gift from the display in the store.

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