Swashbuckler Lady Pirate Outfit - Black

A highly detailed pirate outfit featuring a sexy solid/brocade fabric coat with a high sculpted collar, overlapping wide lapels, flared sleeves with wide cuffs, and lots of dimensional buttons and cord detailing. The coat is cinched at the waist with a wide leather belt and big metal buckle. Coattails hang below the belt to mid-calf with large cargo pockets at the front, and more brocade fabric. The coat is worn over a shirt with a sculpted standing collar tied with a lace cravat at the neck, and finished with lace cuffs that peek out at the wrist under the coat. The outfit is finished off with matching button-front pants, cut tight to fit under boots, but modifiable to be worn loose. (Shown with Swashbuckler Boots and Hat sold separately)

• Jacket
• Sculpted collar with lapels
• Sculpted sleeves with cuffs
• Belted flexi coattails
• Cargo pockets
• Shirt
• Sculpted shirt collar with cravat
• Flexi shirt cuffs
• Pants

More photos can be found here

This item comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose. It may also be purchased as a gift from the display in the store.

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