In gaelic, it means 'the place of many shipwrecks' and was thought to be an impossible port by the first explorers. Eventually, though, the seas were tamed and Reachra became a bustling trading post during the golden age of piracy. The free port continued to grow, and eventually became a valuable part of the shipping trade as merchants shipped goods throughout the Steamlands.

With the advent of airship travel, a great wooden mooring mast was constructed on the island and allowed Reachra to become an important hub for travel and transport by sea and sky. The city was bustling for many years, until the great storm of '42 brought the wooden mast down. The town elders were unable to rebuild the airship port, and the island soon fell by the wayside and was very nearly forgotten.

On a recent expedition, the island was re-discovered and purchased outright by TriloByte Zanzibar. He rebuilt the docks and contracted with the Eridu Society to build a new, modern airship mast that could withstand the forces of nature and assure the safety of airships, passengers, and cargo.

With air travel and shipping lanes restored, Reachra was soon bustling with activity again.
Theme ::: Victorian Steampunk
RL Inspiration ::: Ireland
Climate ::: Mild
(No Snow in Winter)
RP ::: 100% Optional
BlakOpal (PG) November 2009
Reachra (Mature)