As the name would suggest, this section is devoted to providing tips and tricks to improve and enhance your experience in Second Life. Whether you're interested in building and designing in SL or just hanging out with friends, we hope you find something useful here.

Optimizing SL hopes to help you do just that - get the most out of the Second Life Viewer application. While geared towards Mac users, a lot of the information applies to Windows and Linux users as well, so take a look and see what works best for you.

Trilo Bytes is Trilo's personal blog. In it he discusses life in and out of SL, creating content, and interacting with the Second Life grid. While at times the talk might get a little technical, hopefully it's an interesting read.

TriloByte Zanzibar is the SL avatar of multi-media, multi-dimensional artist Trilo Byte. In-world, he spends a great deal of time building, playing with prims, conducting experiments and tests, and tending to the needs of the shoppe. In RL, Trilo spends his time making things, conducting experiments and tests, working with music, and tending to the needs of the shoppe.

While he's eager to point out that his beginnings in art go back to the macaroni and glue days of the early 1970s, he didn't start playing music professionally or producing events and programs until the early 1980s. He also spent nearly two decades in the computer industry, gaining valuable skills in project management, logistics, marketing, advertising, and retail.

Blending loves of technology, art, and history led Trilo to establish the Eridu Society with BlakOpal in 2007, and in 2008 they found themselves venturing into Second Life and the world of virtual steampunk.

While BlakOpal has a number of shoppes across the SL grid, Trilo calls the island of
Reachra home. You can listen to his music and get more info on RL projects at Electric Theatre. You can also find him on the internet at Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.