Apr 2011

New Basic Avatars in Second Life

Short clip showing all the new 'default' avatars available in Second Life's basic mode, plus a couple extras! 12 male and 12 female looks to get you started. And then go beyond basic and switch to Advanced mode, where you can get free clothes and gifts (like the Tramontane Outfit shown in the clip) or go shopping for other great looks (like the Swashbuckler Pirate Outfit at the end of the video).

The video has a slight promotional vibe to it, though that wasn’t necessarily the initial intention. My original plan was to create something that shows new folks and the existing SL user base (and content creators) what the new residents are getting ‘out of the box’ now. Linden Lab has definitely stepped up the game, the new basic avatars are amazing. It also teases new residents that much more is possible, it they’re willing to ‘go beyond basic’ and jump into advanced mode.

Exploring The Wastelands in Second Life

A slightly experimental clip, shot on location at The Wastelands in Second Life. Features the Barbary Pirate Outfit (in black), and shows off dynamic shadows, shadow smoothing, global illumination, anti-aliasing, and depth-of-field effects in the SL Viewer. Music: "Wrath (Version 3)" by Future Funk Squad.

Another Multi-Wearables Clip

BlakOpal demonstrates Multi-Wearables in Second Life. Multiple attachments and multiple layers has been supported in the SL Viewer 2.x since last summer, and is an great feature for customizing the look of your avatar. Demonstration features the Josephine Outfit. Music: "The Gallery" by Muse.

Avatar Physics in Second Life Viewer 2.6.3

Demonstration showing how Advanced Avatar Physics works in Second Life, Viewer 2.6.3 (and later). Great controls, easy to use, and respects your privacy and personal settings - awesome! Dress worn: Fiorente Gown in red (with the included short skirt option). Music: "In Chaos (Paper Crows Remix)" by Strangers.