Sense And Stability


I’m very pleased to report that it looks like the Second Life Viewer 2.6.8 appears to be a stable release.

We (the SL residents who participate in testing and development, as well as Linden Lab staffers) put a lot of time into checking and testing viewers, and then reporting results and documenting any new or returning headaches, and it has been driving me crazy that with the last few releases, the person(s) responsible pull the trigger just a little too early, or they pick the wrong build number to bless as an official release. When that happens, it feels like SL is taking two steps forward, and then one or two steps back. I really don’t want to dish any dirt or get into the particulars, but let’s just say that there have been some challenges with the last few releases.

That said, I am very pleased to report that SL Viewer 2.6.8 appears to be a stable, solid release. Voice support in Basic mode is the only big feature (and that has little to no appeal to the existing SL user base), but in my opinion 2.6.8 is more of an interim release. After 6+ hours testing the release version, it appears stable and solid, and addresses the known serious problems with the previous versions. If you haven’t been riding along the crest of each new release, think of 2.6.8 as your ‘best-of’ update. It’s got the render engine overhaul (faster rezzing of textures), http inventory support (which means less lag and fewer failed teleports if you have a large SL inventory, as well as faster inventory load speeds), and of course let’s not forget avatar physics. Multi-wearables (multiple attachments per attachment point + multiple clothing items per clothing or tattoo layer) works beautifully, too. Check out the release notes for details on what’s changed, you’ll also find download links on the page.

FYI, I’ve run into a few people in-world lately who wish they could turn off the automatic download and update of the SL viewer. There’s a Preferences option for that! Go to Preferences -> Setup tab, and on the bottom of the screen you’ll see a drop-down menu for Software Updates. Change it from “Install Automatically” to “Download And Install Updates Manually” and you’re good to go. Now the Viewer will still notify you when a new release becomes available, but you can download and update at your convenience.