Steampunk Aviator Redux


Back in August, we released a couple great outfits that, in retrospect, were kind of confusing. The Steampunk Aviator Dress and the Steampunk Lady Aviator Outfit both looked great, but the names didn’t do a very good job of explaining what they were. Both were outfits. Both were dresses. And in talking with a number of our customers, most had no interest in the hat (don’t get me wrong, it’s a great hat - but quite a few folks out there prefer not to wear hats in general).

So we took the occasion of the new blue version as an opportunity to repackage and re-introduce the line in less confusing terms. Long gowns and short dresses. The hat’s no longer included, and we’ve reduced the price. Still a lot of pieces to each outfit, and still a great victorian steampunk design. Click here to see more photos.