Eridu Society Wrap-Up

Hooray - the Eridu Society Beer Bash (back on Sunday the 19th) was a resounding success, as was our entire Burning Life experience. Thank you to everyone who came out to say hello. I have to admit, the Beer Bash was a long arduous day right on the heels of a couple long months of planning and building, plus wrangling the music and assorted technical glitches was taking its toll. But what fun!

There were some amazing builds out there. As with the RL Burning Man Arts Festival, there are also some pieces I don’t quite get, and others I do get but don’t care for, but as with everything if you don’t like it just move on. The boundless creativity on display is what amazes and energizes me, and this year’s event was no exception. Another thing that’s like the RL event is just that there’s so damned much to see. 34 sims of art, big and small, and chances are you won’t get to explore even half of it. Black Rock City (the town that forms in the desert at Burning Man) is a couple miles across, you have no hope whatsoever of seeing and doing everything out there.

While the man burned on Saturday the 24th and no more events are being held, you can still check out Burning Life. The Burning Life sims will be open until November 1st, so if you haven’t gotten a chance yet to explore all the amazing art or at least get some great freebies, click here to head over to the Eridu Society Airship Outpost and get started!

The Cat's A Genius!

The end of what seems like a long day, and there's a kitten sitting in a beer box. What's she trying to say?

It's been a long several days for me - filled with back end projects. While it's not as exciting as something like skydiving on the moon or going to parties with monkeys, I've been enjoying myself. Testing is underway on a few different projects, and while I can't discuss specifics, I can say that everything has been going well.

The vendor machines in the stores have been getting updatd as well. Hippo Technologies released an update to their vending system that, among other things, improves communications. While their vendors have performed well for us, I'm all for reducing lag and fewer delivery problems. I've wandered to most of our locations to update and test each vendor, and also spent some time in the studio working out a revision to one of my own customized vendors. Maybe soon I'll be ready to pull the trigger on the remodel of the main store in New Babbage.

Maybe she wants me to ship her somewhere? No, that's not it...

I've been working on the site quite a bit lately, too. I suppose it's the nature of the internet, a never-ending project with limitless possibilities and limitless to-do lists. Progess!

BlakOpal finished a new gown that she's been working on for the longest time, and I was able to get that one into the shoppe and on XStreet last night. It's a really fun piece, I love the flow of the garment. To show that part off a bit, she even shot a short video over in Steelhead Shanghai - you can check out the dress and the video here.

Maybe she's thirsty? Why that's silly - not only is her water dish full, but she doesn't even like that brand!

We've also been tinkering around with a bunch of ideas for Burning Life, and I believe our theme camp application has been sent in already. My fingers are crossed, can't wait until we hear back. Between that and a few other fun build ideas, I only wish I had more time and energy available for playing with prims.

The last couple days have been crazy with notecards. Maybe it's me, but it really seems like something happened in the last couple weeks, because I'm getting more notecard/offers than ever before. Some of them are great, but an increasing number are just not even remotely a good fit. Hopefully it will pass.

Oh wait, I get it. She wants ME to knock off for the day and get myself a drink! The cat's a genius!