Depth-Of-Field in Mesh Project Viewer


Recent builds of the Mesh Project Viewer beta have been including another surprise for users with nVidia GPU’s (well, the 9xxx series and above). Depth-Of-Field! You may have seen pictures like the one above in blogs and on the internet before, but those involved someone working on the SL snapshot after they took it... but now it’s happening in real-time in the viewer!

Admittedly, it may not be something you use every day, and it is still VERY MUCH in an early beta stage. But it’s definitely got a certain wow factor, and made exploring the beta grid a lot of fun.

For those who head over to see for themselves, first make sure to download the latest Mesh Project Viewer. While you’re checking it out, there are three Debug settings to play with that give you some control on how the feature works... CameraCoC, CameraFNumber, and CameraFocalLength. For more info and details, you can check out the SL WIKI!

OpenSource Obscure has put together a great clip showing the new feature in action, check it out below