Rose Bowl

An Intimate Evening With 100,000 Close Friends

Had a wonderful time at the U2 concert last night in Pasadena. Despite some 100,000 people (the biggest crowd in the venue’s long history, as well as the fastest sell-out), the remarkable stage design made the whole night feel very, very intimate.

The stage design amazes me to no end. Tens of thousands of parts, all custom-made to an exacting specification, yet looking at the pieces closely you’d think they’d picked them up at the local Home Depot. I snapped the pic above before the show got started, I love the strange symmetry offered by the speaker stacks, stretched fabric, and transformational LED screen. That’s right, transformational - it actually moves and changes shape at various points throughout the show.

Adding to the excitement of the show (beyond one of the greatest live bands in the world, a gaggle of celebrities in the audience, and a crowd of 100,000 screaming fans) was the live filming. The concert was broadcast to over 10 million people around the world on YouTube, and will be released on DVD sometime in the near future. A very beautiful day indeed - if you look carefully, you can probably see BlakOpal and I in the crowd ;-)