This Is Halloween!

Got the extraordinary opportunity last night to see the annual screening of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas at the El Capitan in Hollywood. It has the distinction of not only being the very theater where the film premiere was held back in 1993, but the El Capitan is also the very first theater built for ‘talkies.’ Fortunately, that very first sound system has long since been replaced with something state-of-the art, and Disney (the current owners) have lovingly restored the theater to its glory days.

While I’ve made the annual screening at the El Capitan a few times when I lived in Los Angeles, BlakOpal had never been, so we took the timing of our trip as a sign that we should remedy the situation. In addition to just seeing the film in such a great location, they go the extra mile and put some of the art and set pieces on display - since we’re both arty design nuts, this was even better than seeing one of our favorites on the big screen. Yes, the photo above is the actual model of the iconic cemetary - it’s more than 9 feet wide and richly detailed. Below are a few of the concept sketches from the early stages of production.