Following BlakOpal's lead in a post on her blog, I figured a post covering some of the software tools that I use is in order.

Let's start off with the hardware. The heart of it all is an Apple MacBook Pro. That plugs into and accesses an assortment of hardware - on the audio side I use an Akai APC40 and M-Audio Ozone controller, and run sound from the machine to an M-Audio FastTrack Pro and into a Pioneer DJM-3000 mixer, which in turn goes out to the Crown Amplifier and Bag End Speakers. Headphones are Sony. Storage-wise we have a number of external drives for storing archived projects, and use an Apple Time Capsule for combination wifi-access and wireless backup. That lets us get to the files on any of the drives or on any of the computers easily and wirelessly, as well as handles automated backups of both our computers. Input wise, we have a few different still and video cameras, an old (but still awesome) Wacom Intuos tablet (though BlakOpal uses it more than I do), an Apple Wireless Mouse (for when I need 3-button control), and a 3D Connexion Space Navigator that BlakOpal and I have been sharing (I keep wanting to use it more and more, it might be time to get a second one soon).

For audio software, I use Apple's Logic 9 Studio and Ableton Live 8 Suite, along with a handful of custom plugins, racks, and effects. Though I don't do any kind of SL DJ'ing, I use Rogue Amoeba's Nicecast when I need to stream/broadcast music.

In the world of video/graphics software, I use Adobe's Creative Suite 4. While the Production Premium edition has me covered for just about everything I'd ever need, primarily I spend my time with Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended, along with a few custom plugins and fonts. I also use Apple's Final Cut Studio, and am very much looking forward to installing and working with the new version. I've got Apple's Aperture, but for SL purposes I've been using iPhoto '09 for managing my photo library.

In the miscellaneous applications department, I now use Realmac Software's RapidWeaver (along with an assortment of plugins) for site development, Apple iWork '09 for my word processing and spreadsheet needs, and TextEdit handles the job with simple text and those unfortunate moments where I need to write code manually. We also use the Mobile Me service, which does a great job of helping to keep everything synchronized and accessible from just about anyplace we'd need.