Steam Santa

Video from the Steam Santa Ball

Here’s a video I shot from the 3rd Annual Steam Santa Ball, held at Piermont Landing on the 18th of December, 2010. Hosted by Miss Breezy Carver (author of Virtually Classic Fashion), with music at the event provided by DJ Bats Enoch. And a special holiday appearance by Steam Santa and the Boiler Elf. I wish I could have gotten even better footage (smoother animation, fewer gray textures, etc), but it was a busy event (more than 60 avatars at a couple points there), and there were a number of additional technical considerations (ranging from drivers and bug-chasing to my still researching and learning how to optimize my settings at large events). All things considered, I’m pleased with what I was able to capture from a really terrific evening. You can click here to see a great series of photos taken by Miss Bookworm Heinrichs. Music is "Deep Inside (VIP Mix)" by Future Funk Squad. It’s an unreleased version, but you can get the original (and a bunch of other great tracks) on the album Audio Damage.