Time Align


Despite all the fun I have exploring and creating and tinkering in virtual worlds, I enjoy working with other mediums as well. If I had to pick a favorite, it would easily be music. I’ve been involved in DJ’ing (not just stringing together playlists, but mixing records), remixing, production, and even music event production for many years, and while I don’t play out (take bookings) anymore I do turn out the occasional live set or pop up when least expected.

Playlisting, DJ’ing, and live sets...what’s the difference? Not a lot, in that all three are working at the goal of serving up great music. The best way to describe
playlisting is to think of a radio host (such as Casey Kasem or Ryan Seacrest on American Top 40). There’s little to no effort put into mixing between tracks, with all the attention being given to choosing which songs to play, and in what order (though some SL DJ’s ‘go random’ from time to time, streaming random/disconnected tracks from their libraries). A good example of DJ’ing is what you’d hear in a typical club. The DJ not only chooses what to play and in what order, but puts effort and attention to stringing the tracks together seamlessly, in effect performing the mix. Live sets take the concept one step further, blurring the lines between DJ and musician by combining tracks (original productions or from other artists), loops, and samples to perform the mix and include several live remixes and unexpected mashups along the way. My work over the last 4-5 years has been predominantly in live sets, using Ableton Live and a number of other hardware and software tools to push the envelope and share some of the songs, sounds, and beats that inspire me.

I don’t play events in Second Life, but you can hear my work playing as the streaming audio at our
Main Store, Caledon Oxbridge, and at Winterfell Laudanum. Additionally, you can check out my page on SoundCloud, or take a look at a wider range of mixes (and even sign up for the podcast to get new mixes automatically) over at Electric Theatre. The info on my latest set is below - feel free to check it out, download, and leave a comment if you like it.

A new year, and a new beginning. Featuring the likes of The Crystal Method, Hybrid, Lee Coombs, Future Funk Squad, and Underworld, Trilo takes a non-linear approach in a few spots, warping and twisting sounds to create something slightly different. Come take a journey 47 minutes into the future. Performed live 1/11/11.

Click here to download

The tracklist can be found at SoundCloud or on the lyrics tab of the MP3 file info (accessible in iTunes and many other MP3 players).