Happy Monday

12-13 hours of sleep does a body good. And even after that, I woke up feeling fairly exhausted. But things were happening, and I was excited to get moving. A massive remodel of the Pirate's Hideaway build had started last week, and I got word on Saturday night that I could come back in and get set up. Of course that was back burner to what I was doing at the time, and by the time things settled down on Sunday I was unconscious, so Monday it was.

First up, though, a triage session in-world. It was a great meeting filled with good people, it felt like a lot of progress was made (going through new JIRA issues) and the issue I put onto the agenda got covered. Woohoo! FYI, Mac users who have upgraded to Snow Leopard, if you're experiencing a line across the top of your snapshots you can vote for the issue here. If you find that anti-aliasing isn't working on your viewer, vote for the issue here. Both have been assigned for further review, but additional votes helps escalate getting them fixed.

With that done and dusted, it was time to finish digging through email and notecards and then get to work at Pirate's Hideaway. The new build is fantastic, and many thanks to management for giving us more space in the remodel. I was able to get all our piratey things and a few extras, as well as accommodate both gift purchases and gift cards at the new build. Then it was back to work on the site, getting images and entries added on the Fashions blog. My long-term goal for that is to get each of our outfits listed there so it can serve as a sort of catalog (the tag cloud on the right side of the page makes for an interesting browsing experience), and though I still have a lot of work to do to get there I'm already way ahead of where things were on the old site.

I also got to do some exploring in-world. Followed some links and suggestions and discovered a few new places. Glendalough and Pathfinder Lowlands were the real standouts, though the African island of Visiwa and the neighboring village of Kijiji get honorable mentions as worth visiting again.