Another Multi-Wearables Clip

BlakOpal demonstrates Multi-Wearables in Second Life. Multiple attachments and multiple layers has been supported in the SL Viewer 2.x since last summer, and is an great feature for customizing the look of your avatar. Demonstration features the Josephine Outfit. Music: "The Gallery" by Muse.

FAQ: Buying Gifts

Short video explaining how to buy an item as a gift from BlakOpal vendors. Music: "Big Question Small Head" by Tipper. No, the song title isn’t any kind of insult to customers, it’s just a great song off of Tipper’s new album “Broken Soul Jamboree” that works nicely in the background. The avatar in the video is our shoppe model Opalnera Bolissima, an ‘alt’ account that we use for photoshoots. This will hopefully come in handy for new residents and people who are new to our shoppe.

Videos and Tutorials

Over the summer, one of the things I got started with was creating a BlakOpal Designs channel on Youtube. The intention was that we would produce short clips showing some of our outfits in motion. Sometimes the sign in a vendor or the still pictures in a notecard or on a web site just aren’t enough, and this would give shoppers a way to get a better idea of how the outfit looks in-world. Beyond that, we hoped to be able to put together some short tutorials and demonstrations, with the goal of sharing tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way.

The plan was that I’d post blog entries here when new tutorial videos were added, but I’ve been slacking. But now that I’ve gotten the site redesigned and updated, it’s time to start getting caught up. Over the next several blog posts you can expect to see links and video embeds on the tutorials we’ve already made available, and moving forward I hope to keep things up-to-date.