In Motion

It’s been a long time since my last post, but there have been some good reasons for it. I have been buried in a number of projects, and couldn’t be happier about it. Some projects can’t be discussed at all under the terms of Non-Disclosure Agreements, while others have either partial NDA’s or aren’t governed by legalese at all. While that may sound like it would be confusing or limiting/frustrating, it’s something I’ve grown accustomed to over many years working in the tech & entertainment industries in RL. Posts that effectively say “ha ha I know something you don’t know but I’m not going to tell you” aren’t any fun to read, so let me focus on what I can talk about, it’s pretty exciting stuff.

We’ve created a Youtube Channel for BlakOpal Designs. I was opposed to the idea for a long time, since BlakOpal and I each have our own accounts (here and here) and don’t really make any effort to keep our RL and SL separate. We’re real people, we spend time in SL. To me, the idea of creating a separate account just for our Second Life-related videos seemed like it was building a wall between the two and not something I wanted to spend any time and energy on.

What changed my mind, and made me suddenly rush out and create an account for the shoppe? The new SL Marketplace. I can share that I’ve been working with Linden Lab since springtime to help develop and test the new site (more on that in the coming weeks), and one of the features that intrigued us both was support for product videos. Of course, the existing site allows you to include a link to a product video (and we’ve done that with a few outfits), but with the new site the plans are to take things further.

In the initial phase (where we are now), merchants can post the link to the video clip they have posted on a site like Youtube or Vimeo, and the site will display the link at the bottom of the listing. Customers can then click the link, and it opens a new browser window on the video page. The next phase (which will likely happen within a few months of the Markeplace beta wrapping up) will see the videos go from being links to being embedded right on the product listing page. Sounds like such a small thing, but I think that’s going to be huge! A third phase (which is much further out and is still in development) would hopefully function as a sort of like a home shopping channel showcasing some of the wondrous creations in SL. People would be able to browse and skip through SL videos and click on over to the product listing if they like something they see.

No, I’m not embracing it as any kind of get rich quick scheme. First, there’s nothing quick about it, and second, I doubt it will lead to any kind of riches. We’ve posted and linked some videos of outfits before, and while we’ve enjoyed making them and people have enjoyed seeing them, they haven’t caused sales to skyrocket. BlakOpal and I think it will be a lot of fun, and make for an even better experience on the new marketplace.

Ideally, we’d like to have a video for each of the items in the shoppe. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Yeah, well as it turns out we now have over 250 items - that’s a lot of videos! Aside from the work that will go into shooting, editing, posting, and linking each of the pieces, it becomes an issue of bombing our individual Youtube accounts with videos that the average person might find a bit boring. Enter the BlakOpal Designs Youtube Channel. A perfect place for us to post shoppe-related videos.

The product videos will be fairly basic. Aside from having a lot of videos to produce, I want to avoid using glitz and effects to make the outfits seem better or more exciting than they are. No camera tricks, no fixing texture or alpha glitches in post production, no color correction... none of that. Each piece will consist of a few shots that show the outfit ‘in motion’, and possibly show some close-ups of the outfit’s details. The clips will be set to music not only so we can share some music we love, but also showcase the work of my RL friends/artists/producers. If you like what you hear, please check the description for credits and support the artists.

Over most of the last year or so BlakOpal and I have been slowly upgrading our studio setup, which is helping to make this project come together much more smoothly. We’ve got the hardware, software, network, and storage capacity for the job, it’s now just a matter of time for me to go through all our outfits and get something put together.