Lovelace Outfit in SineSpace

Check out this clip of the Lovelace outfit in SineSpace! The video shows cloth physics in motion in the SineSpace virtual world. Shown with Stiletto Heel Boots and Silk Panties, and uses stock Sinewave avatar, skin, hair, and animations. Using desktop client 2017 v0.2.22.

Music: “Just One Look (Signal Remix)” by Enei featuring Charli Brix.

Now available in SineSpace

The beautiful Lovelace outfit includes three pieces: bodice, skirt, and panties. The short skirt is trimmed with brocade and soft lace. The corseted top has bell sleeves, trimmed with lots of soft lace. Panties are the perfect undergarment for your skirt. Features high quality model, advanced materials and cloth physics (where available).

You can now purchase the Lovelace outfit in SineSpace a number of ways. Click here to sneak a peek at the web shop, you have options of buying just the bodice top, just the skirt, or get the matched outfit with panties for one low price. You can buy it for yourself or send it as a gift to a friend!

Lovelace Outfit in red

Author: Trilo Byte

Artist and designer

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