New adventure for the new year!

Normally we’re not ones for things like traditional holidays or resolutions, but here we are at the start of a new year, resolved to embark on a new adventure.  Sort of.  Separately and together, BlakOpal and I have been making art for many years.  And we’ve had the various accounts and domains for a number of years, too.  They’ve just been in various states of abandonment and decay, as often happens with things on the internet.

I want to do a better job with that, and so here we are talking about new adventures.  Everything is currently in a state of disarray, but it will probably get better.  The plan is to coordinate and organize our posts and content in the main areas (worlds, tech, fashion, and food). Despite posts like this, our intention is to take food more seriously than this (I couldn’t help myself, I needed a quick post to test the recipe tool) and make that the focus of the site.

Ideally we would like to turn into a destination for foody things and culinary adventures, and we can build a home elsewhere for the technology and fashion pictures, posts, articles, and tutorials. We still love all those things very much, but feel like 2019 is a year to embark on another new adventure.

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